Scripture: John 21:17-23
“I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.”  Psalm 118:17 (KJV)

There is a general consensus that death is an inevitable end for mankind. But the bible records several people who lived much longer than their contemporaries and two people - Enoch and Elijah - who did not die. Death will come when it will, but you do not have to be afraid of dying. You have an assignment to fulfill and you are not permitted to die until your specific mandate is completed.

John was the only one of the twelve disciples of Jesus who died naturally, unlike the others who died under very gruesome conditions. He ceaselessly declared the gospel of Jesus Christ even while in exile. Through the Holy Spirit, he wrote, among other books, the Book of Revelations which sealed the entire scriptures. On the other hand, Peter, who was one of the foremost disciples, was killed. Both men gave a good account of their ministry and their reward will be based on how well they served rather than how long they lived.

If you live in fear of death, you will always be in bondage (Heb. 2:15). Fear will hinder you from taking steps and actions that will glorify God and bless you. God has promised you abundant life, so you do not need to be afraid of what may or may not be (Jn. 10:10; Ps 91:16; Eph. 6:2-3). Dispel every fear of death so you can be free to live a life of faith in God.

Lord, continue to direct me through the path that leads to the completion of the mandate that you have assigned to me in Jesus name.

I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord.

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