Scripture: Ruth 1:1-22
“...thy people [shall be] my people, and thy God my God:” Ruth 1:16b (KJV)

Feedback: Share how your relationship with God was strengthened this past week.

The story of Ruth is symbolic of the access that Gentiles would have to God after Christ. Born in the land of Moab, an idolatrous nation full of wantonness and sin, Ruth would later become part of the genealogy of Christ after she willingly followed Naomi.

This woman was married into another way of life, which must have been strange for her. Yet, in the ten years she spent with this family before her husband’s death, she embraced totally, Israel’s way of life. Naomi’s commitment must have greatly impacted on her life positively, prompting her decision to leave her hometown and follow her mother-in-law to Israel.

We must give credit to Naomi and her sons for living a life that demonstrated to others how blessed it is to serve God. Their lifestyle pushed Ruth to cling to Naomi professing her love for Naomi and anything she stood for. The conduct of one Israelite woman (Naomi) and her family in a foreign land was able to call forth a deep love for God from a heathen woman. Naomi’s lifestyle attracted Ruth to the God of Israel.  How has your life drawn another to the God you serve? Many have been able to influence others for good by their actions. You can do the same. Always remember, you may be the only bible someone has the opportunity to read.

Reflection: Is your lifestyle influencing others to follow or criticize Christ?

Lord, help me to live the kind of life that will draw men to you in Jesus name.

My life is a testimony of the life of Christ.

This Week Walk of Faith: Spend at least 2 hours this week, praying for your words and actions to become LIGHT to others around you.

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