Scripture: ACTS 10:5-28
“Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons” Acts10:34 (KJV)

Sometimes, despite giving our lives to Christ, we may still carry along our old belief system, superstitions and norms of the society. That was exactly the case with Peter.

God had to deal with Peter’s societal belief system and bias through his dream. When he woke up from that dream his mindset changed, and God used him to reach the Gentiles. The early Apostles had the issue of not accepting the non-Jewish into their midst as fellow believers. Apostle Paul settled that difference through the help of the Holy Spirit as we are one in the body of Christ.

You must be careful not to let your beliefs, customs and tradition hinder what God wants to do in your life or in the lives of others through you. You need to watch how you treat and perceive other people. Do not go about condemning people God has cleansed and saved. Do not be a stumbling block to anybody's salvation or deliverance. Treat people with love and compassion and not based on your traditional and cultural beliefs. Let the word of God be your standard, so that you can keep spreading the love of God and affect lives positively.

Lord, I refuse to be a stumbling block to someone's salvation or deliverance in Jesus name.

I  live by the laws of God; it is the final authority on all matters in all situations.

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