Scripture: Genesis 9:20-25
“My help cometh from the Lord which made heaven and earth” Psalm 121:2 (KJV)

Everyone faces a constant struggle against sin. Even the best of Christians cannot stand upright except they depend on divine grace. This is because the devil is constantly on a mission to bring believers down. The believer therefore, cannot overcome the devil by their effort or righteousness. The believer needs the grace of God to overcome him.

Noah was a righteous man who found favor in the eyes of the lord in the midst of a generation of immorality, yet he was not immune to sin. In a moment of weakness, he became drunk and unclothed himself thereby opening himself to ridicule before his children. Past devoutness does not guarantee immunity from sin. We must consciously walk in total dependence on God daily. The drunkenness of Noah is evidence of how imperfect and weak humans are. Age or maturity does not provide protection from temptation and sin.

As believers, we need God’s grace at every point in time, whether in prosperity or adversity. Quite often, we may be unaware that we are slipping away from God until the deed is done. We must constantly be on our guard because the devil’s mission is to derail us from the path God has planned for us. Do not attempt to walk the journey of life on your own. Always ask for divine grace from God so you can walk in the righteousness and obedience that pleases God.

Lord, give me the grace and strength to stand against the wiles of the enemy, in Jesus name.

I depend on the grace of God to see me through my Christian walk.

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