Scripture: Genesis 9:18-27
“Honour thy father and thy mother; that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee” Exodus 20:12 KJV

The law of honoring one’s parents is a commandment with an express reward for compliance. The rewards are long life and prosperity. This is the fifth commandment and the only one that comes with a promise. We bring God’s curse on ourselves and our generation when we disrespect our parents. God has mandated that we should honour our fathers and mothers as long as we live. Many, today, breach this law and as a result are experiencing failures in life.

Ham made a mockery of his father in his most vulnerable moment. When he found his father naked, rather than help his father, he turned him into a laughing stock. Noah was so aggrieved when he found out that he placed a curse on Canaan who was Ham’s offspring. The potency of the curse of a father cannot be over emphasized as the enslavement of the Canaanites was well recorded in the bible. Moral weakness by the parents is no excuse for dishonouring them as there is no perfect person on earth (Eccl. 7:20)

Endeavour to honour your biological and spiritual parents. Exposing them to humiliation and dishonour by telling others of their weaknesses can attract the anger of God and curses. How you relate with your parents despite their imperfections determines not only your future, but that of your children and generations down the line.

Lord, instill in me the grace to respect and honour my parents; despite their shortcomings in Jesus name.

I will honour my father and mother that my days may be long.

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