Scripture: 1 Samuel 19:4-7
“There is one who speaks rashly like the thrusts of a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing” Proverbs 12:18 (NASB)

When God created all living things, he put in them the ability to communicate to one another. Even the animals can send signals to communicate how they feel. It is the same for humans. Humans can send messages across to each other in various forms. How we do this, however, is very important because we can gain or lose a lot by how we communicate.

Jonathan loved David even when his father hated him and desired to kill him (1 Sam. 18:1).  He had tried on many occasions to achieve his desire, but each time, by skillful and timely communication, Jonathan thwarted his father’s plans against his beloved friend (1 Sam. 19:4). It was not always safe for Jonathan to do this as he almost lost his life in the process (1 Sam. 20:3). His effort nevertheless, succeeded in saving David’s life. This shows the power and importance of useful communication. When we communicate with purpose and intent, we can save lives.

Our communication contributes to or undermines our efforts towards attainment of purpose in any endeavour. Your body language, gestures and speech, matters. When you express yourself, do so with the intent to uplift and bless, rather than to tear down. You must be able to communicate meaningfully for progress. Let your speech be a blessing to your life and that of those around you. Make your communication to be a blessing and a life saver today.

Lord, bless my speech with wisdom and grace. Let my words save life always in Jesus name.

I speak words that are seasoned with wisdom. My conduct and communication glorifies God.

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