Scripture: Matt 16:13-19
“Therefore, everyone who listens to these messages of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on a rock.”  Matt 7:24 (ISV)

As we begin a new year, let us remind ourselves of the promises of God and these should be an anchor to our souls. Irrespective of the situation around us, God’s words and promises remain ever true. What people say about the situation is not necessarily correct and is not important, what really matters is what you are saying about your situation. What you say about yourself and your situation will determine your action and eventually the outcome.

The disciples had a lot to say about what others said about Jesus, but when Jesus asked them what they thought of him, there was silence. Only one disciple, Peter, had the true answer. Only Peter had had a revelation of whom Jesus is – that he is not just a man but God Himself. This revelation guided the life of Peter, and he was the boldest and did more of all the disciples. This revelation is the rock foundation that the church is built on. When you have a revelation of the power and authority of Jesus, and our position in him, no power of hell can defeat you.

What revelation do you have of Jesus? Is he the Lord and Saviour of your Soul? Jesus is the rock, his words are ever true and a sure foundation to build your life on. He is forever faithful to his words and promises. As you start this New Year 2017, resolve to build you life on and around him. Let his words be your guide and mould your life around him. He will keep, sustain, protect and defend you. Jesus is the rock that has never failed and he will not fail you. As you do this, you will celebrate and indeed have a Happy New Year.

Lord, I start this year with you as my rock. Be my provider, protector and projector in Jesus name.

Jesus is my rock, I build my life on the foundation of his words.

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