Scripture: Numbers 13:25-30

“I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me”  Phillipians 4:13 (KJV)

Moses had commissioned 12 leaders to search the land and bring a report of their findings (Num.13:1-20). Of the 12, two of them distinguished themselves by the report that they brought back. One was Caleb and the other Joshua. While the other 10 saw and reported the facts, these men saw and reported the truth. Facts are what we see and measure with our physical senses, but the truth is what God is saying about a situation and this can only be gauged with our spiritual senses.

Mature leaders always focus on the truth about a situation. They see possibilities where and when others see doom. They see a stepping stone where others see a stumbling block. They see opportunity where others see despair. Caleb was such a man. He did not deny what the others said they saw, this was the fact. The land was good and inhabited by the sons of Anak (v27-28). However, Caleb saw only the possibility, “we are well able to overcome it” (v.30). He knew the opposition had fortified cities, but he saw the possibility of overcoming their defenses. He knew the opposition was giants, but he saw the possibility of defeating them in battle.

Caleb was not acting on blind presumption, but he had properly accessed their advantage which is God. He knew that with God they could take over the land. Do you see the possibilities in your life? Have you considered the God factor? Stop complaining about your seemingly limitations and things you do not have, but step out in faith with what you do have. God will crown your effort with success when you follow his lead.

Lord, help me to see as you see in every situation in my life in Jesus name, Amen. 

I see possibilities in every situation and challenge I face in life.

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