Scripture: Joshua 6:15-27
“Honour the LORD with thy substance, and with the first fruit of all thine increase” Proverbs 3:9 (KJV)

Joshua understood the principle of first fruit offering and he displayed this in his command regarding Jericho (v17-19). Jericho was the first city to be captured by Israel in the promise land, and Joshua dedicated all that was in it as a first fruit offering to the Lord. Everything living was to be killed, the city burnt and its wealth was to be dedicated to God’s house. The soldiers were to take nothing for themselves. This is why the sin of Achan, who stole some of the treasures for himself, was grievous in God’s sight (Jos.7:1). Later on, God Himself commanded the Israelites to take subsequent conquest as booty for themselves (Jos. 8:1-2).

What are you doing with your first fruit offering? Your first fruit is the first of everything that you own. The first profit from a new business venture, the first rent from a new house, and the first income in the year are examples of first fruit offerings. Ensure that you give all and you give the best as you have proposed in your heart. 

To ensure that Jericho remained a first fruit offering, Joshua proclaimed a curse to prevent anyone from rebuilding it. The curse was still in effect over a thousand years later when Heil rebuilt Jericho (1Kg 16:34). He touched God’s first fruit and God killed his first and last born sons. Give to God what is due Him, and prevent destruction from coming into your territory. When you release the first fruit, God will bless what is left and you will have abundance. 

Lord, I dedicate my first fruit as a sign of my commitment and devotion to you in Jesus name, Amen. 

I believe in first fruits. I receive the blessing of first fruit offering.

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