Scripture: Numbers 13:1-16

“But select capable men from all the people--men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain– and appoint them as official…” Exodus 18:21

When critical and important jobs need to be done, they are usually assigned to effective leaders. To guarantee success in the assignment, people who have been trained and tested are usually given the responsibility. It becomes a problem when people are put in positions or assigned task based on their connections and not their character and antecedence. This has largely been responsible for lack of development and progress in many nations and communities.

While it is true that God can use any man, he will always start with people that have good leadership qualities. God will groom leadership quality in the man he will use before he gives him kingdom responsibility. Men like David, Joseph, Daniel and Moses spent years in the place of preparation before they were revealed to the people. Jesus spent three years preparing his disciples before he gave them the assignment of reaching the world. The man who fails to stay the course or goes ahead of God is the one who stumbles and messes things up.

God asked Moses to send out leaders to search the land in preparation for possessing it. God required the influence of the leaders to motivate the people into action. Can God depend on you? Do not hold back when called to take up leadership. God will empower you with his enabling grace to take up that position. Take advantage of this empowerment and ride on the power of the Holy Spirit to do great exploits for God through your leadership.

Lord, develop the leadership qualities in me in Jesus name, Amen

I am available to be used of God.

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