Scripture: Number 27:12-23
“So Moses got up, along with Joshua his servant, and went up on the mountain of God.” Exodus 24:13 (ISV)

Everyone who will be successful as a leader has to go through the period of preparation. This is the period when God molds and shapes the leader and deposits the traits and character that will enable him to succeed in his assignment. Anyone who has leadership entrusted on him without going through this process will fail in his leadership role.

IWe see Joshua being commissioned to take over from Moses. Moses lays his hand upon him and sets him before the people, and he assumes the same authority as Moses. But what is never obvious to people is the period of preparation. Joshua was Moses protégée and he learnt from him. From Moses, he learnt to enter God presence (Ex 24:13), he stayed continually in God’s tabernacle (Ex 33:11), and he obeyed Moses without question (Ex 17:10). He had his period of ignorance (Ex 32:17-18) and presumption (Num 11:28), and he had the period his faith was tested (Num 14:6-9). When he had passed the test, then, he was truly ready for leadership.

The period of preparation is not usually obvious to others and may not be pleasant, but if you want God to use you and celebrate you before the world, you must humble yourself to his training and discipline. God will use people and situation in your life to prepare you. Your Pastor, your ministry head or your cell leader are all tools in God’s hand to prepare you. Humble yourself and obey them and in due time God will exalt you.

Lord, prepare me for leadership in Jesus name, Amen.

I humble myself to the training and discipline of God.

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