Scripture: Matthew 2:1-11

“…they presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense, and myrrh.”  Matthew 2:11b (KJV)

Share how you contribute to keeping the legacy of witnessing to the lost?

A gift is an item given willingly without the expectation of payment. It can be given as a sign of appreciation or in celebration. Many people also give gifts as a sign of respect and loyalty. For the wise men from the East, their gifts were given in reverence and devotion.

The bible does not tell us much about the wise men who came from the East to see Jesus. One thing was, however, clear from their actions - their intent to worship. Their zeal to worship the King of kings was so strong that they took the pains to seek him out (v10). They were not put off by the distance they had to travel neither, they did not wait to be told and they were not ashamed to openly declare to everyone who cared to listen why they had travelled so far to come to Bethlehem (v.2). When they eventually met Jesus, with joy they honoured him with the most expensive gifts fit for a king.

What gift do you have to honour the king today? You worship and honour him when you wholeheartedly do his will (Matt 7:21). His will is that you abound in the fruits of his love (Phil 1:11).  Share his love with someone today. Shine the light of Jesus with a word, a smile or help to others. The best gift you can give to God is a life lived in love for God and man so you can win many to Jesus and depopulate hell. 

How is my life bringing others to Jesus? 

Lord, help me to shine the light of your love on every one that comes my way in Jesus name, Amen.

God has enabled me; therefore, I will give him the gift of souls.

This Week Walk of Faith: 
Give Jesus a gift of one soul this week.  Stay committed to winning soul.

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