Scripture: Esther 2:1-8

 “…and make the most of every opportunity.” Col 4:5 (NLT)

 Sometimes, we fail to recognize and utilize opportunities around us. Some may recognize the opportunity but refuse to take advantage of it because they are afraid of failure. Some wait for too long hoping for confirmation
that the opportunity passes them by.

When Esther heard of the opening for the position of a queen, she quickly made use of that opportunity. She was not discouraged by the fact that she was a stranger in the land, but she joined other young girls to contest. She also did not look down on herself or think herself unfit to rule. She stepped up to the challenge of becoming queen. What she did was prepare herself to ensure she had a chance like any of the other girls. Sometimes, we fret and ponder about the outcome rather than focusing on preparing ourselves to take the task head-on. Esther did not do so. As soon as she got word from Mordecai about the contest, she ran with it.

Be sensitive and bold to cease the opportunities that God brings opportunities our way daily. He answers prayers in diverse ways, and he must have presented that opportunity as a result of your prayers. So while you pray, be sensitive and explore opportunities He has brought before you. (Col 4:2). Rely on the strength of the one that has brought the opportunity your way. Put away every from of fear, timidity, hesitation and procrastination for God is able to equip you for success.

PRAYER: Lord, open up my eyes to see opportunities and utilize them as they come my way in Jesus name.

FAITH BYTE:  My blessings will not elude me because I am sensitive to the move of God in my life.

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