Scripture: Numbers 27:1-11

 “Let us review the situation together, and you can present your case...” Isaiah 43:26 (NLT)

Feedback: How refreshing was your study of the word of God?

God can play any role we desire him to in our lives. We can relate with him as Creator, King, Father, Lord, Provider, Healer and more. However, we sometimes forget that he can also be a righteous Judge (Psalm 97:2). It is this role that ensures that the upright receives justice and eternal blessing. As Christians, we miss out on a lot when we fail to relate to God as our righteous Judge.
The five daughters of Zelophehad, descendants of Joseph understood from the laws that God gave Moses, that God was interested in Justice, fairness and equity. As such when they believed that they were being treated unfairly, they presented their case before Moses – God’s oracle. When Moses inquired of God, God immediately told Moses that the daughters were correct to ask for their father’s inheritance. They presented their case to God and got judgment in their favour.

The beauty of our dispensation is that now we have a mediator and advocate that is greater than Moses. His name is Jesus and he is also God. What are you passing through? Who is mistreating you or depriving you of your rights? Present your case to God the righteous judge, with him on your side, any situation can surely turn in your favour.

 Reflection: If I really believe that God is just, wouldn’t I pray more?

PRAYER: Lord, help me to know you better as my righteous Judge and to treat others fairly and with equity in Jesus name.

FAITH BYTE:  God is my righteous judge, I present my case to him through Jesus Christ my advocate and I receive judgment in my favour.

This Week Walk of Faith: Seek out at least 2 people in need and ask the Just God to help them, this week.

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