Scripture: Proverbs 15:1-12

“There is severe discipline for him who turns from the way (of righteousness); And he who hates correction will die.” Proverbs 15:10 (AMP)

Many believers are practicing Christianity at their convenience. Many choose to ignore instructions from the church leadership; some take their leaders for granted, while others customize instructions to suit their self-interest.
The bible warns that the one that refuses to be trained or taught shall be destroyed (Proverbs 15:10).

Correction and direction are useful only to the listening ear and obedient heart. Believers must not despise but embrace instruction. Remember the plight of Miriam when she opposed Moses’ leadership. She became plagued with leprosy. God dealt with her immediately because her opposition to Moses would have resulted in direct disobedience to any instruction from him. Moses had to plead to God on her behalf for forgiveness before God had mercy on her (Numbers 12:1-16)

Glorify God by making the job of your pastors and leaders easier. Be willing and obedient. They are sent by God to spiritually guide you to follow the right direction. If you cannot be faithful and obedient to man that you can see then you can never be truly faithful to God whom you cannot see (Luke 16:10). Where you are today in life is as a result of an instruction you received or rejected. Obedience to instruction builds lives but obstinacy destroys it. Listen to your leaders and follow their instructions. Cooperate with God’s servants and his blessings surround you (2 Chronicles 20:20b).

REMEMBER TO ATTEND: Leadership/Communion Service tomorrow, 5:30PM

PRAYER: Lord, bless me with the grace of obedience so that I can truly serve you better and live in peace and success in Jesus name.

FAITH BYTE: I am a true disciple of Christ, faithful to God and receptive to the guidance of his shepherds.

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