Scripture: Joshua 14:6-15
“…and the violent take it by force.” Matthew 11:12b (KJV)

God had promised Caleb and his descendants the city of Hebron as an inheritance (Duet. 1:36), yet Caleb did not get it on a platter of gold. First, he had to demand from Joshua to be allocated his inheritance (v12). Then he had to fight the sons of Anak before he could enter into his possession (Jos. 15:13-14). Only after this did he have rest from war (v.15). In this, Caleb typifies the life of every believer as we strive to enter into the rest prepared for us.

God has made numerous promises to every Christian by virtue of our faith in Jesus, yet these promises will not all automatically or by themselves begin to manifest. You need to demand for their manifestation as your right and entitlement. The promises of God can be compared to an insurance policy with the blood of Christ as the premium, but until you make a claims you will not enjoy any benefit from the policy. This is why Jesus said “ask (demand) and keep on asking and you will receive” (Matt. 7:7 AMP). But when you have demanded and God has released the promise, opposition will arise to prevent you from enjoying the blessing. You will have to wrestle the devil and defeat him to have rest in that area of struggle.

Caleb did not take no for an answer and neither should you. Demand for your rights as a believer and be willing to fight in prayer any opposition that may arise. The church of God is constantly at war and it is the violent that takes it by force. Press in the place of prayer until you come to the place of rest in that area of struggle (Heb. 4:11).

Lord, I strive in the place of prayer until all that is mine in Christ is released to me in Jesus name, Amen.

I take possession of my inheritance today and always.

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