Scripture: Exodus 32:1-4; 35
“Look to the Lord and his strength, seek His face always” 1 Chronicles 16: 11(NIV)

It is human nature to want a quick fix to every situation. What we usually forget is that there is a time and season for everything and God does not always work according to our time. We must be careful not to let our impatience and quest for instant gratification lead us against the will of God.

Aaron was supposed to be a spiritual leader in the absence of Moses, but he allowed himself to be swayed by the Israelites and eventually led them into a grave sin. The people were restless because Moses had been gone for a while and pressured Aaron for a god. He showed no resistance to the request of the people and gave them their desire instead of persuading them to put their evil thoughts away.

Today, many people fall into the same predicament. When faced with oppositions, we cave under pressure instead of standing firm in our belief. We stand a better chance at excelling in life when we patiently wait for God’s time bearing in mind that he will always be on time. That prayer of yours might not have been answered because it is not yet the right time for that miracle. Trust in God to meet you at the right time about that need and God will prove Himself faithful in Jesus.

Lord, please help me to wait on you and trust not in my own abilities in Jesus name.

God is my strength and my ever present help forever.

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