Scripture: Judges 6:1-6
… I trust in you, my God! Do not let me be disgraced, or let my enemies rejoice in my defeat.” Psalm 25:2-3 (NLT)

People tend to forget God’s place in their lives when they are comfortable. The Israelites did the same. Once they prospered in peace and plenty, they became self-sufficient, forgot God and did evil in his sight, so he handed them over to the Midianites.

The Midianites plundered and ravaged Israel to the extent that many of the Israelites left their homes to live in caves and strongholds because they feared for their lives. Finally, when the Israelites had suffered enough, they cried out to God for help. Why did they wait for so long before they turned back to God? They waited until they had explored every possible option and when they could not find an answer, they turned back to the only solution provider.

How often have you faced difficult circumstances yet never stopped to ask what God’s plan was concerning that situation? Instead you believed you could handle it on your own. When tough times come, see them as a test for your uplifting. When God disciplines you due to your lifestyle, it is because he loves you and wants the best for you (Prov. 3:11-12). Turn back to him today because he is the solution you need.

Lord, help me to turn to you for everything I need in Jesus name.

God is my solution provider; I consult him for all things that concern my life.

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