Scripture: Judges 6:11-16
But Gideon replied, “Sir, how can I save Israel  My family is the poorest in the whole tribe of Manasseh, and I am the least thought of in the entire family!” Judges 6:15 (TLB)

Sometimes, great opportunities come to us dressed as challenges. When we look at them, we rarely see the opportunities for what they are. After some struggles, we finally recognize the challenges as disguised opportunities and we then attempt to match our abilities to the challenges. If we feel we do not measure up, we refuse to take on the challenges (explore the opportunities).

Gideon did not see himself as qualified when God called him to lead his people. This was also the case with Moses when God chose him to bring Israel out of slavery (Ex. 3:10-11). Like Moses, Gideon gave excuses because he only saw his limitations and weakness and failed to see how God could work through him.

Like Gideon, you have been called to serve God in different capacities. Do you give excuses like he did? Your excuses do not count or matter because when God calls, he provides the enablement. When the enemy throws your weaknesses and limitations before you, tell him how God’s strength is sufficient in your weakness. God evaluated your character before he chose you and that is the only thing that matters. Your part is to yield to him. As you make yourself available to God, he will release his anointing to equip you beyond your wildest imagination. Get ready!

Lord, thank you for choosing me to work in your vineyard, in Jesus name.

I am released to God and he uses me to bring glory to his name.

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