Scripture: John 15:12-17
“My command is this: love each other as I have loved you” John 15:12 (NIV)

Feedback: Share how you share the love of God to others this past week.

The love of God is very powerful. No power in existence can tamper with the love of God over His children (Rom. 8:37-39). Your victory in life lies in his love for you. When you receive and walk in God’s love, it becomes easier to share and spread the love of God yourself. A person that has not recognized the love of God can hardly give it out himself. The depth of love and affection you develop for God will thoroughly equip you with the capacity to guide others into his love.

Jesus gave us instruction on how to love. He commanded that we must love each other. Now his love is independent of our love for him because he had chosen and ordained us even before we loved him. He called us “friends” even before we knew him. Our love for him is expressed in a sincere commitment and obedience to his commandments to us because he already expressed his love to us by his death on the cross.

The Lord expects you to yield yourself to his love so that you can become an effective vessel that will reconcile mankind back to Him. So, how do you yield yourself to God’s love? By obeying his instruction to you to love each other like he loves us. God loves you and for the sake of the precious souls he intends to reach through you, he will continue to shower you with his life-transforming grace so you can love others like he loves you.

Reflection: Is my life still reflecting God’s unconditional love?

Lord, give me a heart that loves others just as I love you in Jesus name.

I  am a love being and I joyfully share the love of God with others.

This Week Walk of Faith: 
Show others love by sharing God’s love with at least 2 people this week.

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