Scripture: Titus 1:5-9

“But solid food is for mature people, whose minds are trained by practice to distinguish good from evil.” Hebrew 5:13 (ISV)

The major problem in the world today is that of leadership. Though there are many people in the office of leadership, there are only a few who are actually leaders.
The call to leadership is quite sacred because leaders deal with lives and destinies. It is not something to be assumed or taken without adequate training. When Paul left Crete, he knew there was a need to appoint elders to oversee the affairs of the church. However, he could not appoint any because there was none qualified. He left Titus behind to groom the church and appoint elders when they matured. Paul understood the dangers of appointing people into leadership when they are not mature. Thus, he carefully outlined the qualification for Titus. Basically, a leader must be someone of character, action and influence (v.6-7).

Whatever road you have taken to get to the top, it is your character that will sustain you there. This is because your character will manifest in your actions (v.7-8). Therefore, you must lead by what you say and do. When your words match your action, it becomes easier to influence others (v. 6, 9). As a leader, you must take time to discipline, develop and grow in all three areas so you can lead effectively. Even if a leadership position is not entrusted to you, you will still attract people as they will be drawn to the true leader in you.

Lord, help me to build the leadership qualities you have placed in me in Jesus name, Amen

I am a person of character, action and influence. I excel in leadership.

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