Scripture: 2 Samuel 13:1-12
“Do not be deceived. Bad company corrupts good morals.”  1 Corinthians 15:33 (NASB)

Feedback: Share how it feels encouraging your leader.

What you do in life is centered on relationship; relationship with God, family and friends. These relationships form the source of the counsel you will receive. These people will influence the counsel you get, therefore, you need to be mindful who you receive counsel from.

Amnon lusted over his sister and did not know how to handle this emotion. When he approached his cousin, Jonadab, to seek advice. His counsel led Ammon to violate his sister, Tamar. Be careful who you listen to. The type of friends you keep can make or mar your life. Just like Amnon, the counsel you get from family or friends could be good or bad. You should help yourself by choosing friends that can build or add value to your life. Break away from anyone who will lead you astray. Your relationship with them should be from a distance, with the motive of winning them over to Christ. Be in a position to influence them rather than be influenced by them.

Don’t be an agent of evil counsel but seek to always uphold your Christian virtue. Consider critically every counsel that you give or receive. Any counsel you give should be weighed against the word of God. If the advice will not edify or encourage, then you should refrain from giving it. Your counsel should conform to the word of God. God’s word is the standard.

Reflection: Am I applying the word of God as my daily standard?

Lord, help me not to stand in the counsel of the ungodly in Jesus name, Amen.

I am a child of God, therefore, I give godly counsel and advice.

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