Scripture: 1 Samuel 20:1-23

“...Go in peace, for we have sworn loyalty to each other in the Lord’s name. The Lord is the witness of a bond between us and our children forever.” 1 Samuel 20:42 (NLT)

True friendship is hard to establish but it does not mean it is impossible. Unfortunate experiences of the past, such as being let down by those we trust make it even more difficult to make new friends. We sometimes hold on for so long to actual and perceived grudges due to fear of being hurt again. This can make us unwilling to invest emotionally into others and prevent us from reaping the rich benefits that can come from true friendships.
The relationship between David and Jonathan is a testament that true friendship is possible. Their friendship was so true that even after Jonathan’s death, it influenced David’s treatment of Mephibosheth (2 Sam. 9:1). Of course, there are people who are bent on hurting others which is a reason the scriptures warn us to trust no man (Isa. 2:22; Mic. 7:5). This, however, should not be the basis for not reaching out to the vast number of people, who through sincere friendship can experience true fellowship and more importantly, salvation.

In establishing any relationship with people, it is wise and easier to put God first just as Jonathan did with David. They asked Him to be their witness to be true to one another (v.42). Trust God to lead you when you choose your friends, and as you establish your friendship, let the love of God keep, guard and guide it. Do not jeopardise your friendships rather be a medium through which God expresses his love to your friend.

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Lord, guide my decision at all times to choose and nurture my relationships in Jesus name, Amen.

I am of God, therefore, I keep true friendships.

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