“If thou wouldest seek unto God… thy latter end should greatly increase.” Job 8:5-7 (KJV)
Right from childhood, David worked with God. As a shepherd, taking care of his father’s flock, David encountered challenges in the field, which he overcame by the help of God. Among his brothers, he was selected by God to be king.
A time came when the Philistines challenged the Israelites to battle, and it looked like the entire nation would be wiped out by Goliath; but David came to the rescue of his people. David did not hurriedly ascend the throne rather he sought the face of God first. He wanted to be sure of the specific place God wanted him to settle; and God asked him to go to Hebron in Judah where he was then made king.

Despite David’s great achievements, he still sought God for guidance. Do you depend totally on God for direction? In spite of what you seem to have achieved, do you still seek after God? Your growth and success in life is dependent on your commitment to seeking him. When you seek God’s face, he will direct you on the journey of life.

Lord, in whatever situation I find myself, I ask for the way that is your perfect will for me in Jesus name, Amen.

I seek God for direction daily. He leads and I follow.

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