Scripture: Mark 4:26-34
“I am the God that giveth thee the power to make wealth” Deuteronomy 8:18 (KJV)

Everything in life starts with a seed. When that seed is planted, it grows and yields more. We all have something to sow and invest. We have gifts, talents and abilities. The knowledge and understanding of kingdom principles can lead to enormous financial prosperity for every individual.

The Kingdom of God is often likened to a field where people sow. When people sow, they can then reap abundance, plenty and wealth. Thus, God reminds his children in his word to seek his Kingdom first. This is because when they seek his Kingdom by sowing into it, all the other things they are anxious about will be added unto them. 

If you must multiply financially, you have to discipline yourself to go through the process of sowing and investing. Then wait for the time of harvest and returns. Take out time to study and understand the spiritual times and season to sow, and then sow your seeds on good altars. Your seed can be money, time or effort. No matter what happens, never stop sowing, for in time, you will reap your harvest (Eccl 11:2). Remember, with the power and help of the Holy Spirit, that tiny seed you have sown will produce for you enormous wealth and returns.

Lord, I receive grace to sow in your kingdom always, in Jesus name, Amen.

With the help of the Holy Spirit I sow in the right place and at the right time and I receive enormous returns and wealth.

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