“And Moses chose able men out of all Isreal and made them heads over the people, rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties and rulers of tens”  Exodus 18:25 (KJV)

Delegation is a method of carrying out a task through someone else especially a subordinate. It is a strategy that should be engaged if we must get things done faster. Delegation is most effective when it is supervised by the one who delegated the task. Delegation is not abdication, hence it requires supervision.
David engaged the principle of delegation; yet, he supervised (1 Sam. 18:2). Moses did the same when he became pressured by the huge volume of work he had to carry out daily to effectively lead the Israelites. When work is delegated, result is multiplied. Delegation is an important technique that leaders can use to groom other leaders. It gives room for leaders to achieve more as extra hands are added to help with assignments. Therefore, delegation helps to conquer more grounds and eases stress on leaders.

We are part of a whole. Every contribution from each of us counts. So when given a task or responsibility wherever and in whatever capacity, realize that your actions matter. The success of any assignment depends on every member of the ‘ten’, ‘hundred’ and ‘thousand’ (Ex. 18:25). Do not fail in the task that has been delegated to you. Everyone is counting on you. Be the one that makes the job of the leader easier. Play your part effectively so we can all be fruitful and multiply.

Lord, cause me to be a helping hand to visions wherever I am in Jesus name, Amen.

l am a contributor. I proffer solution and visions prosper in my care.

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  1. Thank you Sir... A lot of us trying to be super when indeed we can be super by just delegating.