“Cast your cares upon the Lord...” Isaiah 55:22 (KJV)

Barrenness is a problem described as the absence of the ability or power to produce and it manifests in various forms and degrees. It can manifest as childlessness, stagnation and excessive losses without any hope of profit in business, or it can manifest in any other area of one’s life. What should we do when we are faced with barrenness? We should cast our burden upon the Lord.

Hannah remained consistent and faithful with regards to her petition. Hannah did not pray once and quit. Hannah had the same prayer request each year. She refused to accept barrenness as her fate. She held unto the Lord despite the growing provocation from her husband’s other wife, Peninnah, and her own ticking biological clock. She held on, believed and then she prevailed because she placed her burden upon the Lord.

Are you in a barrren situation with increased provocations all around you inspite of your prayers? God hears every prayer you have said. Do not quit. Do not give in and empower the enemy with negative confessions; rather, hold unto the Lord in prayer, supplication and thanksgiving for he hears you always and will intervene in due time. The time of trouble is not the time to run away from God, but it is a time to run to and remain close to him. No matter how barren your life seems to you, be comforted with the truth that God will answer you like he answered Hannah.

Lord, I receive grace to hold unto you without wavering in Jesus name, Amen.

I have confidence in God that whenever I call, he answers.

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