Scripture: 1 Samuel 31:3-7

“…and the Kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fled, and fell there, and they that remained fled to the mountain…;” Genesis 14:10 (KJV)

Everything in life rises and falls on leadership. When you  come across organizations or people that have failed, it is usually due to a leadership gap. When a good leader is at the helm of affairs, there tends to be success. A bad leadership, however, would eventually lead to failure. Therefore, success in any venture is dependent on how well you can manage or subdue the leader. This tactic is applicable to handling a civil unrest. Never fight the crowd; simply deal with the leader and everyone else will fall in line.

Israel fled when they knew that Saul was dead. The Philistines fled immediately Goliath died (1 Sam. 17:5). Even Peter and the other disciples ran for safety immediately Jesus was captured. This same strategy can be used to deal with nagging issues in life. Stop wasting your time fighting and complaining over ill-health. Address and confront its perpetrator; in this case, the bad shepherd (Eph 6:12). That unfaithful spouse is not your problem.

It is the “shepherd” behind that unfaithfulness that you should deal with. Look beyond the problem and focus on the source of the problem. Look beyond the “evil” sheep such as sickness, poverty, and sin and attack the “evil shepherd” which is the devil and his cohorts. 

Every evil shepherd contending with my success and prosperity in life, I destroy you in Jesus name, Amen.

I look beyond my problem; and I attack the source of the problem.

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